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Have a question about your flag or subscription?

Contact our Fly a Flag Program Coordinator, Andrew Andersen, at

Do I have to be present when my flag is installed?

No. Flags will be placed within about 3’ of the corner formed by your driveway and the sidewalk/street.

When does the subscription period begin? End?

Annual subscriptions will run for one year from the date of purchase.

What if there is a tree or other obstacle at the prescribed installation location?

Our installers will adjust the location appropriately to make sure the flag can fly freely.

Can I request a specific location for the flag to be installed?

If you are present when the installers show up, you can make a request in person and they will do their best to accommodate it. Check this website for information on installation schedules.

Flags that are flying at night should be illuminated. Do we get a light with our flag?

No. But you are encouraged to place a small spotlight in your yard to light up your flag at night (but please don’t blind your neighbors!). An inexpensive solar-powered one would probably work great.

What do we do if we move in the middle of our subscription period?

Congratulations on your new home! - If you are moving to another house in the service area, you can notify us at and we will update your records to reflect your new address. Your subscription will continue at your new home. - If you move outside our service area, please notify us at so we can cancel your subscription. There is no refund for cancelling, however.

I live in an apartment. Is there any way for me to participate?

Unfortunately, we are unable to place flags at apartments at this time.

Will my HOA allow this flag in my yard?

Thanks to the Texas State Legislature (HB 2779, signed into law June 17, 2011), the placement of U.S. flags in front yards is now a homeowner right that cannot be revoked by an HOA, as long as the flag is properly displayed and in good condition (which is our job).

How will the flag be installed on my property?

Installers will drive a length of re-bar into your lawn and place the flag pole over the exposed re-bar (the re-bar will be removed along with the flag after each holiday).

What happens if the weather is supposed to be bad?

Safety is our first concern. If inclement weather is forecasted, the flags will not be placed. We will work to come up with a make-up date if possible. We will do everything we can so that we don’t have to skip any holidays.