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BOSSIER CITY, La. – A landlord for a family-owned mobile home park in South Bossier was able to secure assistance for one of his tenants effected by COVID-19, allowing for the tenant to stay in his home during difficult times.

When COVID-19 hit, there was concern over what that would look like for both tenants and landlords with regard to long-term impacts. “We were determined to work through the hard times,” the landlord said. He began to research possible resources and available programming that could provide some relief for his tenants so they could continue to pay rent.

“Everything was tapped out or involved a waiting list,” he said. “People were falling behind but also weren’t having any luck with assistance.”

Continuing to keep tabs on the Governor’s public service announcements and available programming, he discovered the Emergency Rental Assistance Program that offers aid to both tenants and landlords who struggle to pay rent due to impacts of COVID-19.

“I jumped on it right away for one of my tenants who was unemployed and struggling, and we were able to quickly secure funding,” he said. “My case manager was able to offer personal assistance to me and made sure that the necessary steps were taken so we could receive assistance. I was surprised by how fast things moved.”

“My tenant didn’t know how he was going to pay for groceries, and ERAP allowed for him to continue to have a roof over his head while being able to put food on the table and pay bills,” he explained. This landlord has now connected another one of his tenants with the program representative who helped him, so he continues to provide support and refer those in need to this available resource.

“Don’t be afraid to ask a question, reach out and get more information,” he said when asked what advice he had for anyone seeking assistance. “Everyone needs help, it never hurts to look into it.”